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Selected Work
Project Clutter  Design Research
Lumen Design Research
Bockey  Sound Installation
Gazebo  Interactive Performance
Moiré Fringe  Virtual Production
Clock 1  Kinetic Sculpture
Vending Door  Critical Design
Use-Less Phone Case  Absurd Design

About Me

Hi, my name is Rockey.
I’m a Coder
Interaction Designer 
Media Scholar
and more.

        Trained as a coder and media scholar at Boston College and later as an Interaction Designer at ITP, I currently work as a designer/engineer in the making of new media work. Spanning across industrial and critical design, my works take both physical and digital forms, and often a combination of the two. In my professional career, I have created designs that beautified brands’ online presence, bettered customer interaction, and adapted existing functionality to new markets & platforms. 

        New means of media-making and the new interactions made possible by these mediums deeply fascinate me. I believe in the power of interaction design in channeling meaningful connections and aspire to create designs that reveal the unseen in our everyday day for introspection and growth.