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Selected Work
Project Clutter  Design Research
Lumen Design Research
Bockey  Sound Installation
Gazebo  Interactive Performance
Moiré Fringe  Virtual Production
Clock 1  Kinetic Sculpture
Vending Door  Critical Design
Use-Less Phone Case  Absurd Design

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Meijie Hu, Xiaoyu Rockey Ke, Tony Li / 2022
Unreal Engine, Micro-controller, Lithium Batteries, 3D-printed Spinner

Gazebo is an interactive experience that elevate traditional music video through playful interaction.

A spinner here is given to the audience to interact with when viewing the video.
Upon spinning the toy, the player will be sending remote signal to the game engine, altering the dancing character’s colors in real time.

The data streamed from the spinner is processed in Unreal Engine to modify the characters’ attributes such as color.

Unreal Blueprint : OSC Connection

*Special thanks to Kat Sullivan