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Selected Work
Project Clutter  Design Research
Lumen Design Research
Bockey  Sound Installation
Gazebo  Interactive Performance
Moiré Fringe  Virtual Production
Clock 1  Kinetic Sculpture
Vending Door  Critical Design
Use-Less Phone Case  Absurd Design

About Me

Clock 1

Xiaoyu Rockey Ke / 2022
Acrylic, Acrylic Paint, Stainless Steel, Stepper Motors, Micro-controller, Motor Drive, RTC Module

Clock 1 is a spherical clock design that mimics the movement of celestial bodies so that multiple time zones can be represented by the same clockface.


        On Clock 1, the 12 numbers on a traditional clock face are evenly distributed on stainless steel sphere which 3 stepper motors control its rotation. The combination of the 3-motor-Omni wheel system is inspired by the balancing robot designs that are rather precise.

↖ Footage is sped up 15 times to demonstrate movement.

*Special thanks to Jeff Feddersen, Yonatan Rozin, and friends in the Time class at ITP. Photo courtesy of Peishan Huang